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Maryland readers may be interested in same-sex divorce case

Divorce can often be a difficult process for any individuals involved, and if those parties have children, tensions and concerns can run high. There are many different aspects of the divorce process that deserve undivided attention, and having more information on those processes may make working through the proceedings go a bit more smoothly. Maryland readers may be interested in how Iron Chef America star Cat Cora and her wife Jennifer handle their newly implemented divorce proceedings.

Reports stated that both women filed divorce petitions after having been together for 17 years. It was unclear what may have brought on this desire to separate as details on the case were not expressly given. A statement from Cat Cora mentioned that the decision was made with "careful consideration and heavy hearts." The couple have four children together.

Business assets may concern Maryland residents during divorce

Divorce can be complicated even under the best of circumstances, and as a result, Maryland business owners may want to take particular interest in how their businesses could be affected. Business assets can play an important role in the property division process, and owners may worry that their company will be negatively impacted. If individuals do have such concerns, they may wish to take certain steps.

One action that could be helpful to follow through with is to ensure that important documents are gathered and organized. These documents can allow parties to determine the value of their companies and how such assets will be considered during the divorce. When information regarding the business is up to date and together, parties may feel more capable of protecting their assets.

Assets may be concern of older Maryland residents during divorce

Feeling stuck in an unhappy relationship can cause considerable hardships for Maryland residents. However, many individuals of varying ages are considering divorce rather than remaining in a stagnant marriage. Divorcing later in life could mean that parties have different issues to take care of, such as more assets that may need to be addressed during property division negotiations. Nonetheless, it was recently reported that more older individuals are opting for divorce.

Reportedly, individuals 50 years old and older are more likely to go through divorce than individuals in that age range were in 1990. These increases could have to do with the possibility that older parties may be involved in second marriages. Additional marriages have a higher divorce rate than first marriages due to the fact that there are family and financial issues that may come along when blending families and assets. 

Child custody tips to reduce stress during the holiday season

The holiday season is almost upon us. When you have children, the holidays should be a fun and exciting time. Unfortunately, the holidays are known to be very stressful for divorced parents.

Parenting plans are in place to help both parents understand their roles and expectations when raising their child. Your specific parenting plan may follow a strict schedule or it may be more flexible to meet you and your ex's needs. The holidays can make sharing time with your child more complicated, especially when certain holiday traditions and extended family members are involved.

Maryland residents may want to pick their battles during divorce

Going through a Maryland divorce can be an emotionally trying period. Each individual may find that there is a spectrum of feelings during the divorce proceedings, and he or she may wish to pay attention to how those feelings could potentially affect the outcome of the process. If an individual gives in to anger, unnecessary arguments could arise and the end results may not be entirely satisfying.

If an individual wants to spite a spouse during divorce proceedings, he or she may argue against any terms that the other party finds agreeable. However, using this tactic could be potentially harmful to both parties involved. An individual may think that prolonging the process would make it more difficult for the other party, but taking such action could also prove harmful for everyone, emotionally and financially.

Maryland residents may consider divorce mediation

When Maryland residents go through divorces, they usually consider their options for the proceedings. Litigation is often the most common approach, but some individuals may wish to consider divorce mediation. This process could prove less costly and give individuals more control, but some individuals may be apprehensive about entering into negotiations.

Because mediation involves negotiations between the parties, some individuals may not wish to try to come to terms with their soon-to-be ex-spouses. If one of the reasons they have decided to divorce is due to their inability to agree on things, mediation may seem an unlikely option. Parties may wish to opt for litigation rather than struggle to converse with difficult individuals.

Struggling parents may consider child support modification

When a couple who has children go through divorce, it is possible that one parent could become the custodial parent to the children. As a result, the non-custodial parent typically has to make child support payments to the other parent to help take care of the children's expenses. If Maryland parents fail to make the required payments, they could face legal repercussions.

It was recently reported that police officers in another state conducted a sweep in order to arrest parents who had not made required child support payments. Reports indicated that 15 individuals were taken into custody for back child support, and the amount of money that had gone unpaid totaled just under $420,000. Five areas were covered during this sweep.

Difficult personalities may make Maryland divorce more difficult

Maryland residents who have recently filed for divorce may be concerned about how the process will go. Some parties may be afraid that their soon-to-be ex-spouse will attempt to make the divorce proceedings more difficult due to his or her controlling personality. Luckily, there are steps that concerned individuals can take to help their processes go more smoothly.

If manipulation is a concern, individuals may want to ensure that they get everything in writing. Taking this step may help individuals consider what they really want to say and how they want to say it. Additionally, written communication can be a valuable record of conversations that could potentially be used during proceedings if a party attempts to take control by making false statements. 

Celebrity child support case may interest Maryland parents

Taking care of a child can be a costly endeavor, but the majority of Maryland parents gladly accept the expenses that come along with raising a child. When those parents divorce, the costs may become slightly more difficult as a single parent. However, child support can help a custodial parent continue to provide for the child in a manner that he or she was used to when the parents were married.

In some cases, the amount of child support that was originally ordered may not provide for a child as hoped or expected. As a result, some parents may wish to seek modifications to support agreements. Actress Katie Holmes is reportedly currently looking to make changes to her child support arrangement with ex-husband Tom Cruise. Reports indicated that Holmes currently receives $400,000 a year in support for their daughter Suri. 

Being reasonable may help in Maryland divorce cases

Maryland residents often experience events in different ways. What may be a common reaction or feeling for some individuals may not be the way other parties react to the same type of incident. However, when going through divorce, individuals may want to work on keeping their initial feelings in check in order to move through the process more quickly and amicably.

It is not unusual for parties to argue and react negatively toward one another during divorce proceedings. Because continued arguments can stall the process, some individuals could face divorce cases that last months unless the back-and-forth petty attacks cease. Therefore, one individual may have to take the moral high-road and pursue the case without rising to the taunts and repressive actions of the other individual involved. 

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