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Maryland residents may wish to avoid property division conflict

As individuals ponder the effects of divorce, they may most often think of emotional turmoil due to conflict during the process. However, before marriage, there are steps that Maryland residents may wish to consider in order to make the proceedings for certain areas -- such as property division -- less strenuous if a divorce occurs. For example, creating a prenuptial agreement could allow individuals to simplify the division process.

A prenup can address various aspects of a person's life. From assets to alimony to child custody, this agreement may detail who is entitled to what property and how alimony and custody arrangements could be carried out. Because these decisions have been made ahead of time and likely when emotions were not running high, conflict may be avoided in the event of a divorce because the issues have already been addressed.

Co-parenting may be child custody option to consider in Maryland

Many Maryland parents want to make their children feel secure no matter the circumstances. These instincts may be heightened during situations that could prove particularly stressful, such as divorce and child custody proceedings. It is becoming a much more common outcome for custody arrangements to involve co-parenting, and this method may be ideal for parents who want to help their children maintain a stable environment.

Divorce can make children feel as if they were at fault somehow for their parents' separation. These feelings of blame may come about more often if arguments erupt regarding custody. However, if parents are able to co-parent after a divorce, they should be able to reassure the children that they are not to blame and that both parents continue to love them and will spend as much time with them as allowed. 

Presentation could play role in Maryland divorce cases

When an individual is facing a serious situation, such as divorce, he or she may often wonder what steps could be taken to help make his or her case have a greater chance for success. Becoming more knowledgeable on topics pertaining to the divorce proceedings is often a useful step as individuals may be able to make more informed decisions. However, it may also be prudent for Maryland residents to be aware of how they present themselves in court.

If an individual seems loathe to be in the courtroom addressing the issues at hand, that presentation could have negative effects. Though few individuals likely want to spend their days hashing out minute details for agreements and presenting why they feel they should be entitled to certain terms, trying to make the process easier on everyone involved may be appreciated. By treating the judge, legal counsel for both parties and the soon-to-be ex-spouse with respect, more positive outcomes could result.

Maryland parents may wish to look into child support modification

Many individuals want to provide for their children as best as they can. After a divorce takes place, one parent's duty to provide may come in the form of child support payments. Unfortunately, some individuals may have a difficult time making those payments, and they could find themselves facing serious legal consequences and potentially needing assistance.

Maryland residents may be interested in a case taking place in another state involving a man who has allegedly failed to make numerous support payments. Reports indicate that the man is purportedly behind $28,000 in his payments. The payments are apparently supposed to be going toward the support of his two children, who are minors. He was recently taken into custody after an indictment.

Prenups may help Maryland residents address property division

The benefits of creating a prenuptial agreement can range over a variety of topics. It can create a sense of security in knowing that assets are protected, and it could also help create a sense of open communication before a marriage takes place. Maryland residents who discuss property division before any need arises may face less stress in the future should a divorce occur. 

By discussing certain aspects of life before divorce, couples can get to know more about each other on topics that may not have come about previously. Finances is a topic that typically needs to be discussed before marriage, and the creation of a prenup can help get the ball rolling on that discussion. By talking about income, debts, savings and other similar aspects, parties can create terms for maintaining responsibility for their own debts while avoiding responsibility for their spouse's debts. This discussion can also help each individual better understand the other's spending habits and whether issues may arise.

Various factors could lead to Maryland divorce

When individuals become bored with a situation, it is not uncommon for them to desire a change. In many cases, individuals may take action to enact that change in hopes of gaining a better or more satisfying life. For many, such change may come about in the form of divorce if it is their marriage that is causing them to feel dissatisfied. 

Even if Maryland residents want to work on their issues in hopes of saving their relationships, best efforts may not be able to combat the effects of growing apart. Older individuals may find themselves feeling as if they may be able to get more out of their lives if they were no longer in the same situation. If not attended to, this boredom could cause individuals to stop putting forth effort into their relationships.

Legal action may settle child support disputes in Maryland

Recent reports regarding a family law dispute involving professional basketball player Kenneth Faried may provide an example for Maryland parents. Apparently Faried had conceived a child while he and the mother were in college. After the little girl was born, her mother left school to care for their daughter while Faried continued to go to school and eventually on to the NBA. The mother and child lived with the maternal grandparents for a time, but the parents and daughter are now the subject of a child support dispute.

In 2013, the mother requested a monthly child support amount of $5,000. The court concluded that she would be awarded $4,250 per month for the child's needs. However, Faried appealed that decision as he believed the amount was excessive. Since the daughter never lived with him, there was apparently no need to maintain a pre-existing lifestyle that warranted such an amount. The appeals court ruled in favor of Faried as the requested amount was nearly triple the monthly expenses reported by the mother. 

Different factors may affect financial impact of Maryland divorce

Amid the emotional struggles that can come along with ending a marriage, financial implications can also prove difficult to handle. Maryland residents who are going through or are about to go through divorce proceedings may want to make the effort to understand how they could be financially impacted by the dissolution process. Asset valuation, taxes and other factors could play a role in property division negotiations. 

The assets that a person maintains ownership of after divorce are worth considering. Though a piece of real property may have a higher value than another asset, that same property may also be more difficult to liquidate in the event that money is needed. As a result, a person could end up facing financial hardship despite owning a valuable asset. 

Feelings of contempt could lead to divorce in Maryland

Difficult emotions can sometimes rear their heads during a marriage. Maryland couples may find themselves thinking negative thoughts about their spouses due to issues that have arisen. If these negative emotions are allowed to stew and grow, it is possible that some individuals may find themselves considering divorce in order to end a no-longer-healthy relationship. 

If individuals' feelings move past being mildly disgruntled due to a small argument to full-fledged feelings of disgust toward their spouses, it is possible that the relationship is in danger. In such situations, parties may begin to distance themselves from each other, and communication may break down. It is not unlikely for relationships to end after reaching such a breaking point. 

Child custody issues could arise between Maryland parents

After the custody terms have been decided, many Maryland parents may still have a difficult time moving forward. Because new situations can often be stressful, some parents may have a hard time keeping their emotions and tempers under control, especially when it comes to dealing with the other parent. If child custody terms determine that co-parenting is suited for the situation, parents may wish to work on their tempers as they will likely be communicating and interacting with the other parent on a regular basis.

Because tensions can often run high, parents may want to also work on paying attention to the needs of their children and making sure not to use them against each other. Some parents may not realize when they are attempting to use their children in order to make a situation more difficult on their ex. However, doing so could have a considerably negative impact on the children and the parental relationships. 

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