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Property division may be complex in gray divorces in Maryland

Many older Maryland residents may soon become more familiar with the term "gray divorce." This phrase is often attached to divorce cases that involve individuals over the age of 50. Because these older individuals are ending their marriages later in life, it is likely that they have accumulated considerable assets and may worry about how divorce will affect their retirement. As a result, property division proceedings could play a major role in their futures. 

Because retirement could be such a focus at this time in a person's life, he or she may want to protect retirement funds. However, property division and the ending of the marriage itself may result in individuals facing a situation that may lack the convenience of their previous arrangements. Individuals may have a more difficult time attending to the expenses of life without the assistance of their spouses, and as a result, they may need to dip into their retirement funds early.

Mediation may help Maryland residents with divorce

When couples discuss divorce, there are many instances in which one individual may feel caught completely unaware by the situation. Because each party may view his or her marriage differently, there is a chance that individuals may not know how to handle their divorce moving forward. However, if parties are able to communicate and interact on relatively friendly terms, mediation may be a viable course to consider.

Before filing for divorce, some Maryland residents many wish to have an open discussion with their spouses about why the situation has come to this point. Some may call it a "negotiated farewell" in which both parties express their feelings and potentially come to a mutual decision regarding the ending of the marriage. If such a task is successful, individuals may be suited for divorce mediation.

Lack of child custody conflict leads to speedy Barrymore divorce

Many Maryland residents may have heard horror stories about divorce cases that went on for months or years because the individuals involved were unable to come to settlement terms. As a result, parties now facing their own divorce cases may fear that issues pertaining to child custody, property division and other aspects may cause them to go through an extended process as well. However, there is a chance that amicable parties could see their divorce end in a matter of weeks. 

It was recently reported that actress Drew Barrymore was able to finalize her divorce from Will Kopelman in such a short amount of time. Apparently, the couple had separated in March, and four months later, Barrymore filed for divorce. Just a few weeks after, the celebrity couple reached their settlement, and the divorce was final. 

Preparing for property division, divorce may be wise in Maryland

There are many events in life that Maryland residents likely hope they never go through but for which they prepare nonetheless. It may be prudent for individuals to treat divorce no differently. By preparing ahead of time for the possible event, parties may face a less difficult time should they find themselves entering into property division proceedings and/or other divorce processes. 

One document that may be considered most useful for such preparation is a prenuptial agreement. Individuals could address a variety of topics in their agreements that they feel may need addressing should they decide to end their marriages. Property division is a common topic, and utilizing a prenup to determine which individuals may be entitled to what property could allow them to save time and effort in the future. 

Info on different divorce paths may be useful in Maryland

When some Maryland residents feel it is time to end their marriages, they may want to move forward with the process as quickly as possible. They may think that simply filing a petition for divorce is all that is needed to get the ball rolling, but there are many decisions that could impact how the proceedings take place. For instance, individuals may want to decide what type of legal process could best suit their circumstances.

Some parties may believe that they could handle the divorce proceedings on their own. However, there is much paperwork and documentation that goes along with the dissolution of marriage, and if individuals do not fully understand those documents, they could further complicate their cases. If individuals would still like to go for a more amicable approach but with some assistance, they may want to consider mediation.

Property division may lead to long proceedings in Maryland

Dealing with the issues that come about during divorce may not always be easy for Maryland residents. There are various aspects that could cause complications during the proceedings, and because each case is different, those reasons also vary. However, if individuals have complex property division proceedings and emotional roadblocks, those parties may be more likely to face a trying divorce.

Having a lot of property or shared assets may make for a lavish lifestyle, but during divorce, individuals could find their division proceedings becoming drawn out. If parties have been married for an extended period of time, it is likely that numerous assets have been acquired and will need attention. Individuals who have been married for a short amount of time may face less complicated processes. 

Maryland parents may want info on types of child custody

Going through divorce can be a complicated time for Maryland residents. Individuals who have children may face even bigger concerns as they work to navigate child custody proceedings in hopes of making the best arrangements for their kids. As a result, they may want to find out more about the different types of custody and how each could affect a child's life. 

The more commonly referenced type of custody is physical custody. This type of custody involves where and with whom the children will live. If a parent is granted primary custody, the children will spend the majority of their time with that parent, and the other parent will often have visitation rights. Joint custody is also a potential outcome for physical custody, and in that situation, each parent will see the children at least 40 percent of the time. 

Out-of-state assets may complicate Maryland property division

When individuals get married, two lives are blended into one family. As a result, each individual could maintain ties to states other than the one in which he or she resides. In some cases, Maryland couples may even share property in different states. While having vacation homes and other assets may seem like a dream, having property in different states could cause complications for property division should the couple divorce.

When a divorce is filed in one state, the court in that state does not have jurisdiction over the property in other states. Therefore, court orders cannot be made to have that out-of-state property divided in a certain way. In some instances, the court may utilize personal jurisdiction and be able to issue an order that directs an individual or individuals to divide the necessary property in a specified manner.

Information and assistance may reduce stress in Maryland divorce

Entering into a new situation may be cause for much stress and anxiety. Legal proceedings can be particularly stressful, and Maryland residents who are facing divorce may want to find ways through which they could potentially help themselves feel more comfortable with the process. Luckily, there are a variety of options of which individuals may be able to take advantage in order to feel more in control. 

One of the first ways to potentially lessen the anxiety related to a change is to learn as much as possible. Finding out information pertaining to legal proceedings could help parties feel as if they know what to expect and what could be expected of them. Additionally, being informed about the financial ramifications could prove useful, as money is a significant part of divorce proceedings, and this information could help one to avoid considerable mistakes. 

Periods of divorce may be emotional time for Maryland children

When Maryland residents think about the stages of grief, they likely consider them applicable in times of death. However, these stages could also apply in a variety of other situations, and children especially could experience grief-like emotions during times of significant change, such as their parents' divorce. Because divorce and child custody agreements affect the children in a substantial way, emotions may run high.

It is not unlikely for children to cycle through the stages of grief during such a time. They may first deny that the divorce is taking place and genuinely believe that their parents will remain together. Once the reality of the situation begins to set in, they may also become angry about various aspects of the divorce and lash out. Much of this anger may stem from frustration over feeling as if they do not have control. 

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