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Modifying a Maryland child custody agreement

Though many Maryland residents may believe that they can remain friendly with an ex-spouse, they are likely also reminded that they got divorced for a reason. As a result, despite best efforts, many parents may not be able to truly parent together effectively after divorce. Child custody terms may deem both parties as co-parents, but one parent may still become the primary parent.

A primary parent remains consistently active in the children's lives. Though co-parenting should -- in theory -- allow for both parents to be active, one parent could become a so-called "gopher" parent, a parent who appears and disappears sporadically. This parent may feel pushed out of the children's lives for some reason or another, or may simply not feel compelled to actively participate.

Man secretly divorced wife to prevent loss of assets

A woman is suing her husband of nearly 20 years after finding out that he secretly divorced her just months after the two married. The case has received a significant amount of attention in Maryland and beyond due to the fact that the couple remained married for two decades after the secret divorce took place. The wife is suing to have that divorce nullified, and to prevent her husband from selling any marital assets, including one of the couple's homes that he may have planned to sell to his adult daughter.

The pair married in 1994 after a short period of dating. The man then filed for divorce in a foreign country where neither party resided. Neither party showed up in court, and the divorce was not published in the newspaper as required by law. However, the divorce did go through, and the wife was unaware of the matter until recently.

Avoiding divorce may not be healthy for Maryland residents

It can often be difficult for Maryland resident to acknowledge difficult situations. Some individuals may think that if they ignore a problem it will go away or get better on its own. Unfortunately, ignoring an unhealthy relationship could mean that an individual is putting him or herself in a negative environment when it may not be necessary. If an individual would like to move in a more positive direction, he or she may wish to consider divorce.

There are several positive results that could come from ending an abusive or otherwise negative relationship. A person may be able to save him or herself from additional harm, and any children involved may also be able to thrive more fully away from such harmful circumstances. Rather than continuing to put off the process of divorce, individuals may wish to consider action sooner rather than later in order to begin the process of healing.

Divorce decisions may concern Maryland residents

It is no secret that going through divorce can have a substantial impact on the lives of those individuals involved. Many Maryland residents may be concerned about the proceedings and feel uncertain about what to expect. Luckily, there is an abundance of information to explore, and individuals may be able to work toward becoming more informed as they move through their divorce.

Many individuals may benefit from understanding that they do not have to go through the process alone. Consulting with legal professionals may be able to help individuals better understand their cases and how their particular circumstances could be addressed during proceedings. Furthermore, deciding on which type of divorce proceeding they wish to follow through with could also play a significant role.

Divorce can come about at any age for Maryland residents

No matter when it takes place, divorce can take a considerable toll on Maryland residents. If individuals decide to divorce later in life when their children are grown, they will likely avoid issues pertaining to child custody, but there are still other factors that will need to be considered. Furthermore, adults with divorcing parents can still face considerable difficulties coming to terms with the situation.

Because gray divorce -- or divorce of individuals over the age of 50 -- is becoming more common, more adults are facing the reality that their parents are no longer happy in their marriages. Reports stated that individuals over the age of 50 are twice as likely to file for divorce now than individuals of that age were 20 years ago. There are many factors that can play into later-in-life divorces, and staying together for the children is not an uncommon reason.

Child support amounts may concern Maryland residents

As many Maryland residents know, when celebrities go through divorce, it is not uncommon for considerable amounts of money to be the focus of the proceedings. In many cases, the focus can pertain to property division or spousal support, but if there are children involved, a substantial amount may end up as monthly child support payments. Like their parents, children often get used to their lifestyles, and support will likely be needed to maintain that lifestyle after divorce.

It was reported that actor Jeremy Renner recently finalized his divorce from Sonni Pacheco. Their 2-year-old daughter was a focus during the proceeedings, and for a time, there were concerns over the custody of the child. Pacheco had originally requested physical custody of the child, but it was also noted that the former couple will be sharing custody.

Divorce may interest Maryland residents in the New Year

Making New Year's resolutions is a common practice for many in Maryland and across the country. Often, those resolutions are made in efforts to improve certain aspects of the individuals' lives. These changes could range from exercise habits to more drastic steps, such as divorce. If individuals consider going through divorce during the first of the year, they are not alone.

It was recently reported that there is often an increase in divorce filings during the month of January. Because many parties may not wish to find themselves in a similar situation at the end of 2016 as they were in at the end of this year, they may feel that taking the step of filing for divorce could help them on their path to an improved life. However, some parties may attempt to enter into divorce proceedings without properly preparing.

Maryland parents may be concerned about child custody effects

When Maryland parents go through divorce, it may be difficult for them to understand what the best decisions may be when it comes to their children and their children's happiness. Child custody can often cause conflicts to arise between parents that could potentially bleed over and negatively affect the lives of the children involved. As a result, parents may wish to avoid putting their children in difficult positions.

Though some individuals may believe that letting a child decide which parent he or she would like to stay with is a positive action, it could put considerable burden on a child. Many children fear that they will hurt the feelings of one parent if they make the decision to live with the other. Therefore, parents may wish ask their children if they are comfortable making such a decision.

Postnuptial agreements may benefit Maryland property division

For many Maryland residents, their property and other assets could become a point of contention when going through divorce. However, property division may be able to be handled more amicably if individuals utilize prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. With such agreements, parties can come to terms regarding who may be entitled to what property in the event of their divorce.

It was recently reported that Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas finalized their divorce and property division proceedings. Apparently, Griffith was entitled to a house, a painting by Picasso and $65,000 a month in alimony. Banderas is leaving the marriage with a drawing also done by Picasso and another piece of art. Due to the terms of a postnuptial agreement, Banderas was also entitled to income from movies he starred in prior to 2004. 

Child custody could affect holiday time in Maryland

As many Maryland families begin making their plans for the holidays, some individuals may be concerned about certain family issues. Parents who have gone through or are going through divorce may worry about how child custody terms may affect the amount of time they are able to spend with their children during the holidays. This concern is understandable, particularly due to the fact that many custody arrangements have parents alternating holidays.

During the holiday season, the children may spend Thanksgiving with one parent and then the next applicable holiday with their other parent. This type of arrangement may cause some parents to feel as if they are missing out on important moments of their children's lives, but parents may benefit by focusing on the fact that their attitudes toward the custody arrangement may affect the children's attitudes as well. If parents remain positive and understanding of the terms, children may be less hesitant to enjoy themselves when spending time with just one parent.

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