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Periods of divorce may be emotional time for Maryland children

When Maryland residents think about the stages of grief, they likely consider them applicable in times of death. However, these stages could also apply in a variety of other situations, and children especially could experience grief-like emotions during times of significant change, such as their parents' divorce. Because divorce and child custody agreements affect the children in a substantial way, emotions may run high.

It is not unlikely for children to cycle through the stages of grief during such a time. They may first deny that the divorce is taking place and genuinely believe that their parents will remain together. Once the reality of the situation begins to set in, they may also become angry about various aspects of the divorce and lash out. Much of this anger may stem from frustration over feeling as if they do not have control. 

Maryland residents may wish to review child support options

Some Maryland residents may find negotiations an enjoyable challenge, while others would like to avoid such actions if possible. Divorce cases are often consumed with various negotiations, and it may prove useful to take such proceedings slowly in order to work toward the best outcomes. If individuals rush though child support proceedings because they believe they do not have many options, they may put themselves in difficult predicaments.

First of all, individuals should understand that they may have more options than they originally believed. Some parties may think that since state laws dictate support amounts that there is little to be done regarding other terms. However, parties may be able to take steps to create agreements pertaining to how some, if not all, of the money should be spent. 

Misinformation could cause child custody issues in Maryland

Having misconceptions about how certain proceedings or actions may play out could potentially harm individuals' outcomes in various situations. Child custody proceedings could be one area in which having incorrect notions could lead to serious complications. Therefore, Maryland residents may want to ensure that they move forward with reliable information, which may be obtained with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

It is often said that mothers always obtain custody of children in the event of a divorce, and that belief is not the case. Different factors are assessed and considered when it comes to determining the custody of children. Because the best interests of the children weigh more heavily than other aspects, the decision often comes down to which parent may be more fit to care for the children. Some cases may rule in favor of the mother, but fathers may also be awarded custody. 

Maryland property division cases may become complicated

Over the years, many individuals gain assets that hold considerable sentimental value, along with monetary value. If some of these assets were obtained during a marriage, it is possible that those assets could be subject to property division proceedings in the event of a divorce. If there are certain assets that an individual would like to keep, it may be prudent to prepare for such proceedings.

In Maryland, property is divided by equitable division. This process means that marital property will be distributed between the spouses in a fair but not necessarily perfectly equal manner. Therefore, parties who feel strongly about certain assets may wish to determine how they would like to negotiate and/or which items with which they would be willing to part in order to maintain ownership of the most-desired property.

Child support: Delinquent payments may cause issues in Maryland

For some Maryland residents, there may be complications that arise when it comes to their child support. It is possible that parties are not receiving the payments that they should, and as a result, these delinquent payments may make it difficult for a parent to meet the needs of the children. Additionally, missed payments could potentially lead to criminal charges.

Such a situation recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that a 48-year-old man had a warrant for his arrest due to not making child support payments. Authorities became alerted to the situation after stopping the man for talking on his cell phone while driving. During the stop, the officer discovered the warrant. It was also noted that the man was driving on a suspended license.

Reasons for divorce could impact proceedings in Maryland

When Maryland residents wish to end their marriages, there could be a variety of reasons. In some cases, there may be glaring offenses -- such as adultery -- that have taken place and led to the relationship's decline. In other instances, individuals may have simply found that they are no longer compatible. Though divorce may take place under either type of conditions, parties may wonder what that would mean for their proceedings.

If individuals have simply decided to end their relationship without specific legal grounds, they may pursue what is known as a "no-fault" divorce. This means that individuals likely want to end their marriage because they are no longer happy. In many cases today, the reason cited for ending a marriage is irreconcilable differences.

Negative parental actions may impact Maryland child custody

When Maryland parents go through divorce, there may be instances in which they may consider using their children as messengers in order to avoid speaking with an ex. However, this behavior could be particularly detrimental to the children involved. Child custody arrangements may play a considerable role in how much the children see each parent, and being used as a go-between may make that time seem more conflicted.

Additionally, parents may want to avoid trying to grill their children for information about an ex-spouse. Though children may see more of the goings-on of the other parent's life, constantly asking the kids what is going on in order to find out information about the other parent could potentially cause the children to feel as if they are pitted against one parent. These actions could easily make children feel uncomfortable and possibly damage parental relationships.

Preparation may help the divorce process in Maryland

Moving forward with divorce can be a complicated endeavor, but for many Maryland residents, the outcome is worth the process. However, for individuals to make the most out of their divorce situation, they need to take certain steps to ensure that they are handling the case in the manner they best see fit. Without proper preparation, parties could find themselves at a loss.

First, individuals who are preparing to divorce or have already started the process likely need information. Information regarding bank accounts, other shared accounts, individual accounts and any documents that could be affected by a separation can play a critical role. This information may affect how property division, alimony and child support is handled and will ensure that both parties are being open about financial accounts and other factors.

Maryland residents may wish to avoid property division conflict

As individuals ponder the effects of divorce, they may most often think of emotional turmoil due to conflict during the process. However, before marriage, there are steps that Maryland residents may wish to consider in order to make the proceedings for certain areas -- such as property division -- less strenuous if a divorce occurs. For example, creating a prenuptial agreement could allow individuals to simplify the division process.

A prenup can address various aspects of a person's life. From assets to alimony to child custody, this agreement may detail who is entitled to what property and how alimony and custody arrangements could be carried out. Because these decisions have been made ahead of time and likely when emotions were not running high, conflict may be avoided in the event of a divorce because the issues have already been addressed.

Co-parenting may be child custody option to consider in Maryland

Many Maryland parents want to make their children feel secure no matter the circumstances. These instincts may be heightened during situations that could prove particularly stressful, such as divorce and child custody proceedings. It is becoming a much more common outcome for custody arrangements to involve co-parenting, and this method may be ideal for parents who want to help their children maintain a stable environment.

Divorce can make children feel as if they were at fault somehow for their parents' separation. These feelings of blame may come about more often if arguments erupt regarding custody. However, if parents are able to co-parent after a divorce, they should be able to reassure the children that they are not to blame and that both parents continue to love them and will spend as much time with them as allowed. 

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